Every woman that I admire has touched me, not by what they said but by the example they set. They’ve inspired me to be the best me because I see them live what they teach, preach and love. I see them not only talk about making a difference, but actually make a difference.

Be Inspirashion lives to encourage and inspire women and girls to use their gifts and talents to change the world, create a space for themselves in history. Be an inspiration to others showing them that success for women is possible, they can do it and you will help them along the way. This opens the door for another girl to do the same. We are a hand reaching out to another to help them up. Eventually, everyone will get up and change the world.

Our ultimate mission is to challenge women to be the best version of themselves and motivate them to set an example that encourages others to do the same.

Girl behind the pen (or computer in this case): 
Photo by Alysia Marion
I am a 20 something-year-old writer and fashion enthusiast . I currently work at an app and as the hair editor of 4CHairChick.com (check me out). I’m in love with Jesus and obsessed with all things creative, artsy and techy. I live on the web and zone out to Christian Hip hop. I research EVERYTHING! If its online, I’ve found it and 10 others like it.
I believe media has the power to inform readers and shape their views. Therefore, it can change the world. Let me change yours.

be inspired.


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