Get to Work! Playlist

Girl with Natural Hair and Headphones


Work! Whether you are in a high rise building or in your fancy closet/home office space, we all have to do. And if we can be honest, sometimes it’s hard.  Sometimes we need a little help to get started, a little outside motivation. Thank God for music. Work seems to go by quicker when you can bop your head to something. It’s even better when the words are encouraging enough to make you want to work harder.

For those moments when you need motivation to dive into your work, check out these five songs. I promise they’ll pump you up, all the way to the end of your to-do list.

1. Ali – Sho Baraka feat. Ali

2. Higher – Dream Junkies feat. Beleaf, Ruslan, and John Givez

3. You Can’t Stop Me – Andy Mineo

4. Hall of Fame – The Script feat.

5. King in Me – WLAK

Bonus Track: Happy -Pharrell

This song is just makes you smile and do the Carlton dance.

be inspired.

What are some of you favorite Get to Work! songs? We wanna know!


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