In Due Time

timing is everything.

Woman with orange watch and Chanel bag


I’m a go-getter. When I see something I want, I work hard to make it happen. Well, I try.  So it is a little hard to admit that I am governed by time. I am not talking in the sense of day or night or this solar calendar thing we have going on, but God’s perfect timing. This is what I am not saying: sit around doing nothing and wait for something to drop down from the cosmos and hit you on your head like Newton’s apple. What I am saying: hard work and consistency will pay off, in due time. Due time doesn’t mean ‘eventual’ time; but ‘proper,’ as in ‘proper season.’ It is an agricultural term.

Go with me. Let’s say you are a farmer and you want to plant carrots. You till the soil, you plant your seeds and you do everything you need to in order to grow your carrots. Carrots are mature at around 2 1/2 months and 1/2 inch in diameter. No matter how hard you work at growing your carrots, you can NOT make them mature before 2 1/2 months. But, the absence of hard work in sowing can cause you to produce pre-mature or no carrots at all at the 2 1/2 month mark.

Harvest, everything you’ve been working for, comes at harvest time, due time. Do not be discouraged when things do not work out as you’ve planned and do not work yourself crazy trying to make things happen. Do work! And do so everyday. You don’t want to get to your due time  and come up short.

Keep working. Be excellent. Be consistent. Grow.

be inspired.

How do you cope with things not happening of you? Let us know!


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