Proper Packaging

proper packaging


I am a sucker for cute packaging. If I see something in a store that is wrapped neatly with cute colors, my heart smiles. I am even more excited when the substance of the product lives up to its packaging. I think most of us are wired this way. We see something that looks nice; we make assumptions about it based on its looks; and then we are either elated or disappointed when we find out what it is really like.

I want to elate, so I wrap myself in cute packaging.

Let me explain. Personal appearance is very important to me, my mother taught me that. I believe the way you look makes a statement about the person that you are light-years before you ever open your mouth. So, like I said, I wrap myself in cute packaging.

Not just cute packaging or “cute” clothes, but an outward image that speaks volumes to the world about the woman that I am on the inside. This not only includes dress, but demeanor as well. I want people to be elated that the contents of my character (thank you MLK)  matches my outward appearance, so that when I walk into that boardroom, or that interview or that class, they know who I am before I can tell them who I am.

This is not about wearing the latest designer trends, but about who you are and how you want people to perceive you, then dressing accordingly. Its about making an amazing visual first impression that is worthy of the amazing person God created you to be.

What does your packaging say about you?

be inspired.


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