Snow Daddy, Beanie Baby

Beanie Fashion Trend

The weather here in Atlanta has been on the chilly side lately, we’ve even had a little bit of snow. This winter weather has been sucking the life out of my hair (but I cope with it) and I can no longer stand to have my baby abused by mother nature.

I’m not a fan of covering my hair. My motto: the bigger the ‘fro, the better. I love wild, open hair. However, I also love healthy hair, so something has got to give. Lately, I’ve been looking into beanies as a way to protect my hair and stay cute and warm this winter. 

When I think of beanies, I think of street style and honestly, I’ve never been much of a street style person (love the look on others but not on myself). After some careful internet browsing, I peeped a way to dress up these warm and fuzzy things. I especially love the look of veiled beanies (I know I’m a little late on the trend. But like I said, I’m not a hat girl).

JCLU Beanie

So Sasha Veiled Beanie

JCLU // So Sasha

be inspired.

How do you dress up your beanie? What about rocking’ one for Valentine’s  night out?


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