Lessons from London

Like every other human being on the face of the earth, I watched the 2012 Olympics and rooted for my country (well countries in my case, dual loyalty: Liberia and USA).

There is much to be learned from these international games besides who won what and what country is leading in golds. I never expected to pick up life lessons from the events, but the best things are found in the most unexpected places.

3. Careful, support can turn into pressure: When we are the first to take on an adventure, our family and friends can either be very supportive or not at all. Sometimes that “support” can become pressure to win for everybody, and pressure burst pipes. Its our duty to ignore the pressure, take the love, and do our best. Not to prove something to others but for ourselves.  Take Liberia’s Jangy Addy. He is the first Liberian to ever win a gold medal in the All African events this year. He in came first in the Men’s Decathlon 100m (10.89). He also came first in Men’s Decathlon Shot Put – Group B. Although he didn’t win a gold medal at the Olympics, he did a great job and I couldn’t be more proud as a Liberian. It is not easy to carry a whole country on your back, but Addy did it gracefully and did not let the pressure get to him.

2. Go for the gold: This isn’t about winning, but putting in our best efforts to win. If we want to succeed we have to put in “gold” worthy work.  Don’t do anything half-heartedly, but give 100% in everything.


1. Can’t start at the finish line: It is human nature for us to want to be successful right out the gate. We want to start singing today and win a Grammy tomorrow. Life doesn’t work that way! We have to start at the beginning, work our way to the finish line, and be patient,  à  la Allyson Felix. Felix upgraded her Athens and Beijing silvers for London gold, but not without hard work and time. It wasn’t an overnight success story, but all her work over the past couple years have been in preparation for her gold medal in the woman’s 200 meter race. But it took time!


In short, hard work pays off…BIG TIME!!


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