Visual Stimulation

Want fashion inspiration on the go?

Here are 6 stylish Instagrammers that will give you a daily dose of Fashionism.

1. Stylist June Ambrose- This woman is fabulous and cares to share it with the world.

2. Stylist Bevin Elias- The epitome of male style. I’ve even gathered some inspiration for my style from his pics.

3. Desginer Rachel Roy- Want to stay in the know about Rachel Roy’s collections? Well, its all on Instagram.

4. Blogger Blair Eadie- By far my favorite fashion blogger. As if here daily outfit posts were not stimulation enough, Eadie manages to tickle my fashion senses with her sneak peak pics.

5. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross- This beautiful actress mostly styles herself for events and you can always catch a pre-carpet look on her social media site.

6. Style Bloggers of Color- SBOC manages to achieve it’s goal of celebrating diversity through its colorful photo story.


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