My Essentials

This is the list of essentials that I believe every woman should have in her closet. I think I did a pretty good job. In theory, I should be able to mix and match all these things and have outfits for days. Key word: “theory.” I’m an optimist so I’m just going to believe it to be true.

4-5 pairs of good fitting dark wash jeans

3 blazers

4 pairs perfectly tailored pants

2 little black dresses

1 sheath dress

1 pair of nude pumps

1 pair of black pumps

3 sweaters

3 cardigans

1 trench coat

3 pairs of flats

1 white button up

2  v neck tees (white and black)

3 pencil skirts

3 blouses

1 carry all

Now, and here’s the hard part, I have to shop according to this list. NO DEVIATION!!! So, no matter how cute those shoes are, and they will be cute, I won’t be getting them, if they aren’t on the list. I also have to keep in mind my dream qualities. For me, this will take some serious discipline. Purpoesful shopping, always trying things on, investigating materials, inseams, everything. Oh and most importantly NO ONLINE SHOPPING (think I just felt a tear). I’m still a college student so I’m hoping (let’s keep the fingers crossed) to get a majority of these items thrifting, we’ll see how that goes.


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