I’m Cleaning Out My Closet

thrifting—the other way

My friends would never believe this statement, but I’m going to make it anyway: I don’t have that much clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I do very well on what I have. Considering this, I don’t know how I feel about my next move, but like I said in the beginning, its going to be a challenge.

I never minded giving away clothes, I still don’t, but it’s just weird when I’m not buying clothes to replace it. In order to create a fantabulous wardrobe like I intended on doing, I must give up junk. I know I have to clean my old stuff out to make room for my new “grown up” stuff. However (Franklin voice, a la My Wife and Kids), I’m going to approach the whole “clean out your closet” step a little differently than others might.

When I by something new, that’s when I’ll give away something old. Yes I know that’s not typically how it’s done, but I do what I want. . .within reason of course.


Oh The Possibilities

In my quest to be a “real” grown up, I went and searched for some experience related to what I want to do after I graduate. Thanks to my Father (that’s the Lord), I managed to get an internship this summer (I’ll let you know where as soon as I start–hint, it’s fashion related).

My orientation is scheduled for next week and it is the first time I will be meeting the “big wigs” of the company. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. Most of my anxiety is surrounding what I’m going to wear. From my understanding, its nothing formal but I still want to be a little dressed up and look my best.

I have no ideas. All I know is that I want whatever I wear to speak about who I am and what a great intern I will be.

I’ve been scouring the internet and found some inspo. Hopefully these can give me an outfit idea.

My favorite blogger

J. Crew Fall 2011

H&M Open House 2012

I’ll make sure to let you all know what I decide to wear.

“No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.” -Voltaire


Remember my little dilemma? Well, problem solved.

In the last two weeks, I had the pleasure of attending my roomy’s graduation (I’m so proud of her) and a wedding with a very special friend.

Choosing an outfit for the graduation and dinner afterwards was a walk in the park. The graduation was in the morning and it was a hot day, so I decided to wear the dress as is. I added a peach colored necklace, a vintage floral bangle, and neon green nails for a pop of color. I’m not usually into color, but it was a special day.

Because I knew it would get chilly, I opted for a cropped black and white blazer. I added some simple accessories and smoked out my eye a little bit, just to bring the nighttime into my daytime look.

Now, choosing an outfit for the wedding was MUCH more difficult. I didn’t decide what I wanted to wear until a couple hours before the event–literally. So I was forced to use only what I had in my suitcase, which didn’t turn out too bad. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but it worked. I wore a military jacket and a vintage belt. The pearl necklace and earrings I got from my mother. Unfortunately, I failed miserably and took no pictures of my outfit that day, except for one with my date.


I really enjoyed playing around with this dress…It’s a keeper 😉


Yesterday I went thrifting with my mom and my sister for her birthday. We went to a relatively big thrift store near her house, which is pretty far from my mom’s house; but it was her birthday and she had a coupon so I wasn’t complaining.

Normally I don’t find anything when I go thrifting and if I do get something, it’s because someone else picked it out.

But yesterday, I pretty much hit the jackpot…








I picked all of these items because I loved the detail on them. I’m probably going to revamp some of them to make them a little less “golden girlish” and a little more me.

PS got some really cute shoes from target on the way home…


“Somewhere in the world there is an epigram for every dilemma”-Hendrik Willem Van Loon

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going shopping with my roommate and a friend of mine. My intentions were to stick to my essentials list and start building my dream wardrobe, but we all know how my first attempt went. I still got some great pieces, this blue dress in particular. Now, I have 3 events within the next week that require me to wear a dress. I’m hoping that this dress will be able to work for all of them–remember I am a college student on a budget.

Charlotte Russe – $15

This dress was only $15 at Charlotte Russe (SCORE!!!!). It’s a royal blue color with a sweetheart neckline (with straps that I plan to cut off), side cutouts, and a gold exposed zipper in the back. I’m not really a huge fan of the cutout trend but these aren’t that bad.

The Dilemma: I need to make this dress…

  •  dressy casual for the roomy’s graduation.
  • dressy for her graduation dinner that night.
  • casual for a wedding. (it’s a really casual wedding, my date is wearing jeans =o)


I’ll make sure to let you guys know how I style it for the different occasions. Any suggestions?

My First Attempt

As always, I awaited 11:59 p.m. last Thursday evening. For those of you who don’t know, that’s payday. That’s when the direct deposit hits my bank account at the speed of light and it departs just as quickly. Well most weeks I can manage to save some money and spend wisely, but yesterday was a TOTAL bust.

Not quite sure where to begin. I guess the beginning is as good a place as any…

It was late afternoon Wednesday. I had no finals for the day and I was extremely excited. The roommate tried to convince not to go to work, but no amount of words were persuasive enough to keep me from another 11:59 Thursday evening. So after a shower, girl talk, and a quick breakfast, I headed to work.

I watched the clock constantly, sort of like the ticktockman in Ellison’s “Repent Harlequin.” 2 hours and thirty minutes could not pass quickly enough. I normally liked work, but this day was torture for me.

See, I’d been bugging my roommate all week and it was the day. She’d promise to be some what of a chauffeur and shopping budding, she had to get a graduation dress. The plan was to leave at 2:30 p.m. and head out to peruse our neighboring town. Work was just another hurdle on my track to my dream wardrobe. I hadn’t had an opportunity to go “real” shopping (as opposed to the “fake” online shopping) since beginning this venture, so needless to say I was excited. The clock struck 2:15 and I was out that office door. I ran home to meet the roommate who soon became my next hurdle, wasting precious shopping time on homework (how dare she).

Equipped with a mental list of the items and characteristics of my dream wardrobe, we hit the road so I could hit the racks. First stop? Forever 21.

Yes. I got sucked in. Sucked into every fast fashion store and ended up buying things that i absolutely did NOT need. I told myself I wouldn’t do it. I told myself NOT to do it, but like a bad drug Ms. Russe, Ms. 21, and Ms. Seal managed to get me once again. I was on a high. I was finding things that looked cute and they were cheap. This was absolutely NOT the plan. But they got me again.

All wasn’t lost though. I bought a blouse, that was on the list right?

My Essentials

This is the list of essentials that I believe every woman should have in her closet. I think I did a pretty good job. In theory, I should be able to mix and match all these things and have outfits for days. Key word: “theory.” I’m an optimist so I’m just going to believe it to be true.

4-5 pairs of good fitting dark wash jeans

3 blazers

4 pairs perfectly tailored pants

2 little black dresses

1 sheath dress

1 pair of nude pumps

1 pair of black pumps

3 sweaters

3 cardigans

1 trench coat

3 pairs of flats

1 white button up

2  v neck tees (white and black)

3 pencil skirts

3 blouses

1 carry all

Now, and here’s the hard part, I have to shop according to this list. NO DEVIATION!!! So, no matter how cute those shoes are, and they will be cute, I won’t be getting them, if they aren’t on the list. I also have to keep in mind my dream qualities. For me, this will take some serious discipline. Purpoesful shopping, always trying things on, investigating materials, inseams, everything. Oh and most importantly NO ONLINE SHOPPING (think I just felt a tear). I’m still a college student so I’m hoping (let’s keep the fingers crossed) to get a majority of these items thrifting, we’ll see how that goes.

Phase 1

I’m not quite sure where to begin. I’ve read some things, a lot of things actually, but no source gave me any information that I could use; so in true Taniqua fashion, I’m creating my own process. My first step? Dreaming. Considering my  “perfect” wardrobe. For me, its not so much about a specific style of dress but characteristics of my clothes. First things first, it absolutely has to be quality. Longevity is everything to me. The rest of my requirements, I’ve complied in a nicely numbered list, because I can’t think of artistic ways to express these thoughts.

  1. Quality/Longevity
  2. Versatility
  3. Fit!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Uniqueness
  5. Comfort

In my new wardrobe, a lack of these elements will NOT be tolerated. Each piece of clothing I own (or will own) must possess each and every one of these qualities.

Based on some intense scholarly research—okay okay maybe it was only 30 minutes on Google, but hey, same difference right?—I’ve decided to compile a list of wardrobe essentials. Its sort of like a blueprint before the building of a great house. I will establish the building blocks of my “perfect” wardrobe. Without a strong foundation, the house will fall, so this step is imperative.

The Curated Wardrobe


Graduation is vastly approaching—okay maybe two years isn’t exactly what one would define as “vastly approaching.” But never the less, I am growing up, which is my point. After graduation I’ll be headed into the big world, and if things go as I please, the big world of fashion. And I’d like to have a wardrobe to match. Not a very large wardrobe. Just one that speaks about my personal style and of course age appropriate, because appearance does dictate perception.

I’ve always been a quality over quantity kind of girl, when it comes to just about anything, so it hasn’t surprised me that as of late I’ve been finding myself swooning over some great designer pieces. I’ve managed to persuade myself that these were investments that would last me a lifetime and I’d never have to buy clothes again, unless I absolutely wanted to. But my bank account quickly checked my thoughts. It has also caused me to do some more thinking, which brought me to this conclusion:


My wardrobe needs a makeover.

Some intense curating, organization and tailoring. Something that transcends the aspect of time and fashion cycles while also staying true to my personal style.  Something that speaks of who I am before I even open my mouth. A visual expression of me.  This is my first time ever embarking on a task like this, but I’m a research kind of girl and I love a challenge. I’m going on this journey with the destination of a better looking me. This may mean giving up some things and looking rough for a while, but it’ll be worth it. What will I learn along the way? I don’t know, but I’m ready…